Canavape Complete Terpene E-Liquid 300mg CBD + 30mg CBG 30ml

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Canavape Complete is a high-strength CBD e-liquid with CBG and infused with terpene. Sourced and created with real plant-derived ingredients. Suitable for use in all e cigarettes and vaping devices.


– 300mg CBD

– 30mg CBG

– Total Cannabinoid %: 1.10%

– 30ml Bottle

– Base: 75:25 PG/VG

– Made in the UK



Granddaddy Purple?– A?complex berry and fresh grape aroma, known for its relaxed and sleepy properties.

Koko Kush?-?A fruity mango kush flavour with hints of pine on the exhale.

White Widow?– A?balanced hybrid with a pungent, earthy and woody taste.

Super Sour Haze?– A tart and sweet citrus-like flavour, known for its uplifting and euphoric feeling.

Sour Diesel?– Named after its pungent, earthy and diesel-like aroma, this strain is know for it’s energetic and uplifting qualities.

OG Jane?-?An improvement on the common OG Kush profiles available elsewhere. An earthy pine and sour lemon scent with woody undertones.

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