The CBD Medical Group 10% CBD Oil 10ml HALAL

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  • CBD Oil 10% Black Cumin Seed 10ml 1000mg

  • Formulated to have less than 0.2% THC using broad spectrum CBD
  • Smooth textured CBD Oil for ease of use
  • Certified and lab tested.
  • Full raw material traceability
  • Available in 400mg (4%), 1000mg (10%) CBD strengths
  • 10ml CBD bottle. available in a 20ml bottle.
  • Suitable for Vegans
  • Halal product


The Black Cumin Seed Oil, an extract from the Nigella Sativa plant, has been expertly added to our golden-grade CBD. The result is a Halal 10ml 10% 1000mg CBD Oil that blends the unique qualities of both ingredients to provide a well-rounded, holistic experience. Soon available in 20ml dropper bottles.



The oil should be dropped under the tongue and held there for around 60 seconds before being swallowed. Taking your CBD sublingually (under the tongue) is a fast and effective way to feel the benefits of CBD as it is absorbed by the mucous membrane under the tongue and near the brain which has many cannabinoid receptors. It bypasses the digestive tract so less CBD is lost due to filtration, meaning it retains its original potency.

Shake well before use. Take 1-2 Drops / 3 time per day. Allow to remain under the tongue for 60 seconds before swallowing. Store cool, dark and dry.


Not suitable for those under 18 years of age, pregnant, breastfeeding or taking medication of any kind. This product is not intended to cure, treat or prevent any kind of disease. If you experience any adverse effects please consult a healthcare professional. May contain traces of nuts.

Do not exceed more than 70mg (8 drops) of CBD per day.



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